Amir Abdi

Visual Artist who is using
art to break free
from past and future.
Coming to nowness and
sharing same gift to others.


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Collection of curated art works exhibited

Some of the video projects done solo or as part of a team for various topics.

Animations and Motion Graphic projects.

Years of experience in visual design including graphic design, UI, websites and print

capturing life events around the earth through the lens of my cameras

Art based research, University of Lapland, Finland

physical self

Amir Abdi is an artist who grew up in Tehran, He loved graphic design as a teenager and went on to study computer graphics at university. Later, he moved to Finland to study media studies and then to the UK to study film editing. Amir has gained a lot of experience working as an artist, video producer, and art director in different countries. He's also a seeker who likes to explore the nature of the self through art, gardening, and yoga. In short, Amir is a creative person with a passion for exploring different forms of art and personal growth.

Highlighted artworks

Chatra Bio-mandala

Chatra-biomandala is a community based art project in collaboration with Turku citizens, friends and mushrooms taking place in Alkuvoima, Turku 2021.

Penang travel video

Beautiful clips from tropical island located in Malaysia combined with fact and information presented with motion info graphics.

Forest talks to us

The ‘Forest Talks to Us’ group exhibition  offered perspectives on forest disputes and the concepts of conversation and co-creation.

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Over 20 years visual art experience, in different mediums such as film making, photographing, video art, graphic design . Traveling and living in dozens of countries in from far east to west Europe has broaden my perspectives.